Forced Collaboration is an online platform that matches artist's practices anonymously and creates a space for cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Forced Collaboration aims to take the pressure off your own practice by experimenting with an idea you won't actually have to make and making an artwork you didn’t actually think of.  

The artist (you) submit instructions on how to make a new and unmade piece of work. The instructions can be considered an artwork in themselves, and artists are encouraged to experiment with the form that the instructions takes: this could be anything from simple bullet points to a painting, a diagram, a film, performance, sculpture, script, schematics etc. Artists (you) will then be paired up and sent another artist's instructions (not necessarily a linear swap). The artist (you) will follow the other's instructions and make the piece of work. Artists (you) will be encouraged to experiment with how you chose to interpret the instructions and experiment with the translation of disciplines and forms.

The artworks will then be uploaded to this site and be re-connected with their instructions. The final artwork is considered a collaboration.

For more information please email:

Forced Collaboration is run by Georgia Gendall.